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About Leader Technologies

Leader Technologies Co., Ltd is global advanced manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Chemicals in Shanghai China, and we are always driving the development of rubber chemicals industry.

Leader Technologies has a very experienced team to provide technical supports on tire production, such as Technological Innovation, Tire Formulation Improvement, Workshop Construction Planning, Equipment Modification, Tire Quality Improvement etc. We are dedicated to providing one-stop services for the tire industry.

Our Brands:
JERINA® – Functional Additives
LEATEZ® – Insoluble Sulfur
PENORL® – Rubber Adhesive
PENORL® – Phenolic Resin
VESTOX® – Rubber Antioxidant
LEATEC® – Rubber Accelerator

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Who are we?

We are a professional manufacturer of rubber chemicals, research and develop functional additives for the tire industry.

What can we do?

We can supply the best quality products, and provide best solutions for tire quality and technology improvement.

Why choose us?

We are professional, experienced and expert in rubber chemicals field, we are the best for serving rubber industry.